Top Tips: How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Surrey Wedding Photographer; Merton Registry Office.

Now that you’re engaged, it’s likely that you have thousands of questions around planning your wedding: Where will you buy the dress? What flavour will the cake be? The list is endless! Once you have created your checklist, I recommend the most important place to start is your venue and there are so many to choose from!

When choosing your wedding venue there are many factors to consider to make sure everything works for your big day! Below, are six factors I have compiled to help make your decisions easier and narrow down your options. 

Surrey Wedding Photographer; Froyle Park, Alton.

1. Budget

First things first - make sure you have a budget in mind before looking at the venues. Just to give you an idea, the average cost (in the UK) for a venue is approximately £5000 and usually that doesn’t even include the cost per head for the food. When you start researching different venues you can narrow these down to match your chosen budget, depending on whether you are looking for a small intimate wedding or a large celebration. 

2.  Location 

How far away do you want to be from the venue? Are you looking at a wedding in the UK or thinking of getting married abroad? This again can come down to your budget but also logistics. You will also need to consider how far the venue would be for your guests. How would they travel to the venue or would they need to get a hotel to stay the night of the wedding? Some venues might have guest rooms on site whereas others might be a barn in the countryside which is a few miles away from the nearest hotel. Also it is important to bear in mind that some venues with guest rooms onsite might offer discounts if a certain number of your guests book to stay at their venue. Perhaps there’s a location that might have  sentimental value to yourself and your partner. Remember that you will also have to make several visits to the venue in the lead up to the wedding, so make sure you are both happy with the travel involved.

Surrey Wedding Photographer; Chelsea Town Hall.

3. Visit the Venue

Make sure you visit the venue at least twice! The first time will allow you to get a feel for the place and the second time will let you double check your gut feeling is right! Wedding venues will often hold open days or appointments can be arranged with the events co-ordinator. If you already have a theme in mind for your wedding then maybe consider whether it works effectively with the venue you are viewing. Once you have made your final decision, perhaps even take your parents or a close friend with your for another visit.

4. Take Notes

When you visit the venue make sure you gather as much information as you can. Take a list of questions with you to ask the events co-ordinator. Establish what is included in the price of the venue, for example, a drinks reception, furniture, decor, table linen. Ask about the different food and drink packages they offer or if they have any restrictions on their catering. Do they offer a bar service or have guidelines on the evening entertainment? How many people does the venue hold? Some wedding venues might have a number of different size rooms according to the size of the wedding party. Make sure you jot down your answers clearly so you can reflect on them when you are back at home.

Surrey Wedding Photographer; The Phene, Chelsea.

5. Ambience 

Lighting is a key factor for photography. A well-lit venue is going to produce bright and airy images which is always a bonus if you ask me! On the other hand, you might be after dark and moody style photos, so try to think about the design of the venue and what photos would suit the venue’s space. More questions for the venue could be, do you allow candles? Can you put fairy lights up? Do they provide lighting for the evening entertainment or do you need to arrange this with your DJ

6. Photos

Your wedding photographer will always help choose and guide you to the best locations for your photos on your wedding day, but when visiting your venue keep in mind if there are any perfect photo opportunities. Some venues may have a beautiful landscaped garden with a swing or bandstand; others may have a large sweeping staircase and stained glassed window. Consider what you would deem as ideal features for those amazing photographs to help narrow down your options.

Finding your ideal wedding venue will be one of the biggest steps in planning your wedding as it will determine other factors including the date you get married. Try to choose a venue that encompasses the personality of you and your partner and one where you step inside and immediately think ‘yes this is the one’.

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